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Health Systems Institute to Revolutionize Healthcare

Albion Scaccia is delighted to be working with Georgia Tech’s Health Systems Institute. We are creating a space for Institute researchers to collaborate with hospital administrators, healthcare providers, architects, equipment providers and healthcare IT professionals early in the design process to assure new facilities meet the rapidly changing demands of the healthcare profession.

We completely demolished the old space and created conference rooms, offices, work stations and most importantly, the simulation room. In this room, Institute researchers will be able to create simulated healthcare facilities using input from physicians, architects and IT professionals so the stakeholders may see how their ideas will impact patient care and system flow on a 25×25 foot rear projection screen. This is revolutionary in that it saves time and money by allowing stakeholders to see their ideas instantly on the screen instead of having to build a mock up.

Collaboration is of vital importance to the Health Systems Institute, so we built out the space with maximum flexibility and included workstations for stakeholders to use when working with Institute researchers.

The Institute will also host classes and conferences in the space.

Health Systems Institute researcher Jennifer DuBose is excited about the project. “This allows healthcare professionals to test a variety of space types,” she explained.

Because new hospitals are not built often, ensuring a hospital will be functional for 20 – 50 years is important. Decisions that impact design could include whether the hospital will use mobile CT units or have a centralized unit that will require transporting patients. Other decisions include whether each room will have a computer workstation or whether nurses and doctors will use computers on wheels (COWs). These decisions can impact budgets, staff time and patient care, and the simulations help healthcare professionals sort these issues out with a trans-disciplinary team before the facility is even designed.

“There’s more risk in building a hospital than an office building. It can be too expensive and disruptive to do renovations once patients are being cared for at the facility. So we need to put a lot of energy into what will work in five years,” DuBose said.

We are really proud to be part of a project that will so positively impact how healthcare is delivered in the future.

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