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Our Values

Like all businesses, Albion Scaccia Enterprises, LLC constantly faces difficult choices. To provide direction for our decision making, we have defined a clear set of corporate values - the "lofty goals" toward which we strive, but which we may never fully achieve.

Honor God in everything that we do. We do not endorse a specific religion, nor do we encourage indiscreet expressions of religious views. Nevertheless, God provides the ultimate standard of our conduct. Therefore, our highest ideal is to honor God in our decisions and actions.

Preserve our corporate culture. Our culture is what makes us different. It fosters the harmonious business environment within which we can achieve both our corporate and personal goals. And it creates the vehicle within which our financial success will remain meaningful. If we do not preserve our corporate culture, we might just as well work somewhere else.

Make a fair profit. ASE is not, and never will be a greedy company. But we must make a fair profit to ensure the stability of the company, to provide for new innovation and to fund our growth. Losing money, for whatever reason, is the antithesis of everything we strive to achieve.

Aspire to quality and excellence in everything we do. ASE endeavors to do it right the first time. In these days of rushed decision making and short deadlines, we are determined to avoid sacrificing quality for short-term expediency.

Care for employees, our most valued asset. We encourage intelligent, industrious people who cherish integrity and believe in the same business ideals as ASE to join and stay with our company. We offer our employees a peaceful, harmonious working environment where everyone can work to his or her utmost potential.

Achieve total customer satisfaction. We aspire to be in partnership with our customers over a very long term. We must constantly under-promise and over-deliver so that our customers will be delighted and provide excellent references for ASE.

Grow at a sustainable rate. The market in which ASE operates is very volatile. Introduction of new technologies, changing business requirements and economic fluctuations can all affect ASE's success. It is in our company's best interest to grow at a rate that we can expect to sustain even under less favorable market conditions.


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